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Until they exit the reception!

I help photographers, just like you, prepare your couples and make them feel confident in all of their wedding day images.

Mini Guide Templates

Use my Mini Guide Templates to educate and prepare your couples for their wedding experience with you!


These templates are easy to use and can quickly be added into your workflow. Not only are these guides a way to stay in touch with your couples throughout the planning process, they also serve as a quick and easy gift!  They will know they they choose the right photographer for their wedding when you are giving them all of this FREE advice, trendy tips, and the not so hidden tricks to make their wedding photographs Fabulous!

With these templates, all of the hard work is done for you! You can choose to use them as is, changing your images and logo, or add your personal touch to each one. Totally up to you. Either way, your clients are going to be impressed.

Here is why your clients will love them::

1. They are on topic.

2. They are short and simple.

3. They use everyday language.

4. They each include a checklist of the main points.

5. It shows you are an expert.

Navigating Postponing Your Wedding Due to Covid-19 Mini Guide Template


Preparing for Your Getting Ready Photos Mini Guide Template


Rocking Your Formal Family & Friends Portraits Mini Guide Template


The First Steps in Planning Your Wedding Mini Guide Template


How to Nail Your Bridal Portraits Mini Guide Template


Look Great In Your Ceremony Portraits Mini Guide Template


How to Choose a Wedding Color Scheme Mini Guide Template


Preparing for Your Engagement Session Mini Guide Template




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