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I am including my CUSTOM

Workflow and Gift Giving Schedule

as well as...

  • My Wedding Photography Timeline Questionnaire

  • My Wedding Photography Timeline Email

  • Bonus Covid-19 Wedding Postponement Guide

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This Offer Includes:

-The "Navigating Postponing Your Wedding Due to Covid-19" Template

-The "How to Nail Your Bridal Portraits" Template

-The "How to Choose a Wedding Color Scheme" Template

-The "First Steps in Planning a Wedding" Template

-The "Preparing for Your Getting Ready Photos" Template

-The "Look Great in Your Ceremony Portraits" Template

-The "Rock Your Family & Friends Formal Portraits" Template

-The "Preparing for Your Engagement Session" Template

-*Melissa's EXCLUSIVE Workflow & Gift Giving Schedule*

-The exact emails & Questionnaires I send

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