The Face Behind the Business

Welcome friends! I’m Melissa, a Wedding Photographer and Posing Coach! A what? 

Not only do I love taking beautiful wedding portraits, I also love helping my clients create portraits where they look and feel relaxed, romantic and lighthearted. This magic happens when I gently guide my couples on how to position their bodies, where to place their hands and what direction they should be looking. My #hapcouples know they are in good hands and can focus on enjoying their wedding instead of coming up with tons of ideas from their Pinterest boards!

In my free time, I enjoy being the wife to a very loving wanna-be farmer, the mother to three joyful and wonderful children, and a teacher to many inspiring minds. Life on our little hobby farm is always busy, messy, and chaotic, but we love it and wouldn’t change a thing!


Some of the things that make me smile are the color pink, sunflowers, coffee in the morning, hanging out on the lake or kayaking on the river, funny memes, wine in the evening, Rae Dunn dishes/items, a Summer thunderstorm, a fresh blanket of white snow in winter, baby lambs, spending time with my friends, Hobby Lobby, T.J. Maxx, rustic/farm decor, Cherry Coke, any type of fruity candy, fresh-from-the-dryer sheets, vanilla cake, strawberries, and signs with little quotes on them!

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A Bit of Randomness...

When I got married. I bought 2 wedding gowns. No Lie! I bought the first one because I tried on every dress in the entire boutique and felt I needed to pick one. The second one, it was LOVE at first sight! I tried it on and never wanted to take it off, lol!

My husband was the nervous one during our wedding ceremony. The pastor actually had to stop the ceremony and ask him if he was going to be ok. I thought for sure he was going to pass out, but he made it through!

My engagement ring is used, and not in the its been handed down for generations kind of way! Nope, this was in the "New to You" section of the jewelry store. I really wanted a "trillion" cut diamond and those are a bit more difficult to find. So, I got what what I waned and we saved money!