Ready to Send Pre-Wedding Mini Guide Templates for Wedding Photographers looking to have consistent communication with their couples but struggle to write compelling copy.

Can You Relate?

Do you struggle to know how often and when to reach out to your couples during those months in between taking their money for booking and their wedding day?

Do you send your couples your amazing Bridal Guide and then wonder why they still aren't organized when you arrive on their wedding day?

Do you WANT clients and rooms that are fully PREPPED and camera READY on the wedding day?

Do you want to have clients that fully TRUST you and RAVE about your expert advice?

Imagine never struggling to provide pre-wedding communication to your couples again

Imagine how great your life will be when you arrive on the wedding day to find your couple feeling confident and comfortable for pictures because you have fully prepped them.

Think About how much your client experience will improve you when you are giving your couples expert advice about each part of the wedding day. They will love the quick and easy to read format that includes a list of important items to focus on.

How would you feel if your clients were so impressed with all of the FREE advice, tips, tricks and organizational suggestions, that they were tagging you and referring you to anyone looking for a wedding photographer?


Pre-Wedding Mini Guide Templates Kit

The Results Are In:

Bree H. - Parallel33 Photography

Melissa's pre-wedding mini guides are SO helpful! I got the whole set and oh my gosh, there are things on there I never would've thought of! Not only did she save me so much time by not needing to create these guides, but they are easy to adjust to make my own! These are the perfect guides to send to your couples before their wedding day. I just know it's gonna give them the knowledge they need to nail all the portrait parts of their wedding day. What I also love about her guides is that you get sooooo much bang for your buck! I could imagine each of these guides for $27, but instead I got 8 guides for only $37! Worth every penny. They really break everything down into easy digestible knowledge that won't overwhelm couples, but will get them exactly what they need! Also, they're pretty, so there's that ;). She also gives you so many resources as well, like the fonts she uses, PDF versions and the indesign files! You truly get so much! I can't wait to share these with my couples!

Heather S.- I Heart Photography WV

The Pre-Wedding Mini Guide Templates Kit was a game changer for me and my wedding photography business. I struggled to know when to contact my clients before their wedding and what I should be saying to them. Now I have an email sequence all set up for each of my couples, that just automatically sends them a short email with a Mini Guide to help them prep for their wedding. My couples have BLOWN away with all of the information I have given them and LOVE the Print & Go Checklist that comes with each Mini Guide. I have even had some of my brides pulling their phones out to check them on their wedding day 😉! Thank you so much Melissa for sharing your talent with us.

What If You Could...

End worrying about things to discuss with your couples in between booking and their wedding day.

Had an automated, "know, like and trust" system that appeals to every couple.

Stop wondering if your couples feel like you ghost them once they pay their deposit. 

Quit being concerned about all of the competition out there trying to mimic you.

It's ALL possible with the Pre-Wedding Mini Guides Templates Kit

What's Included:

7 Mini Guide Templates

  • 1 cover page

  • 2 pages of professional information

  • 1 Print & Go Checklist 



  • The order you should send each Mini Guide

  • When to send each Mini Guide



  • Posing Tips to Practice

  • Considerations for Planning

  • How to Organize to be Photo Ready

Plus These Incredible Bonuses

Postponing Wedding Due to Covid-19 Mini Guide

  • Step-by-step Postpoing

  • How to contact and reschedule vendors

  • 1 Print & Go Checklist 

Free Tech Tutorial

  • How to easily embed the Mini Guides into an automated workflow to free up your life and improve your business.


I’m a farm loving, yoga pants wearing, mom of 3, whose passion is photographing weddings and helping other photographers enhance their business. I find joy in helping photographers create a unique and authentic experiences for their clients, to help them make connections and build a reputable brand.

I used to get so excited when I booked a wedding and felt like I was on top of the world. I answered questions, hosted in person and online meets, sent them a beautiful and professional Bridal Guide, and got to know each couple with a "Getting to Know You" questionnaire. Then, after all of that, I had months to wait until their wedding. . I felt stuck with how often I should check in with my couples and how to make sure they were reading my Bridal Guide so they were ready on the Wedding Day.


It was then that I realized I needed a different system. I couldn’t keep emailing my couples, just asking how things were going and if they needed anything from me. This was typically their first time getting married...they had no idea what they needed from me. Because they hired me as a professional vendor, they were relying on me to be the expert and tell them what they needed to know to be prepared. They wanted me to educate them so that they would feel confident and comfortable on their wedding day. 

Therefore, I created 8 Mini Guides in a PDF format that I could attach to sequenced emails to all of my couples. Each Mini Guide highlights a different portion of their wedding experience, giving them all of the: information, tips, tricks, and organization ideas I need them to consider in order to make their wedding portraits the best they can be.  Lucky for you, I have designed all of the Mini Guides and included all of the information you need to make these your own. You are able to quickly change the cover image and insert your logo to customize these templates for your business.

I want you to stand out as a wedding photographer that goes above and beyond that of a typical wedding vendor or wedding photographer. I want you to have clients that RAVE about you and DEMAND that their friends and family hire you. So, I am giving you my Mini Guide Templates that did EXACTLY that for me!




Unfortunately, these Mini Guides are specifically made for Wedding Photography only.


That’s totally fine! These templates are easy to download, customize to represent your brand and business, and have you looking like a pro in no time!  

Who has an extra money just laying around? I know most of my wedding photography besties don'tBut here's the thing... when you decide to invest into these templates, you are deciding that you value not only your relationship with your clients, but your brand and business as well. The temp


The only software you’ll need is Adobe InDesign and email service provider. 


Due to the digital nature of these products, I am unable to offer refunds.