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The Benefits of a "First Look"

Although nontraditional, the "First Look" is becoming more and more popular. By doing a "First Look", the bride and groom get rid of some of their pre-wedding nervousness. Taking away the pressure of everyone watching their reaction, they are able to enjoy each other's response to seeing each other on one of the most important days of their lives. In a day filled with people and excitement, this is a moment all to themselves!

Doing a "First Look" can also increases the number of portraits your photographer is able to give you by up to 40%. Who doesn't want more images of their amazing day? Since your photographer is able to move around more freely to best capture those first reactions, you are ensured that that authentic expression is captured. Once the "First Look" is over, the couple can easily move into a smattering of bridal portraits. Leaving the couple feeling more relaxed knowing they are not rushed to get all of their portraits finished between the ceremony and reception.

Enjoy the "First Look" for Jacob and Eileen's wedding this past Saturday. This down-to-earth couple didn't let anything (including the icy weather) ruin their joy and excitement! We so excited to watch their relationship continue to grow.

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