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Mr. & Mrs. Strite

Although the weather was a little "frightful" our day with this couple was so "delightful" We are so excited to in introduce the newly wed, Mr. & Mrs. Strite.

The day started with mother nature giving us some ice. Although it pushed things back a bit, while everyone safely traveled to where they needed to be, it made for some gorgeous, one-of-a-kind wedding day portraits. Never forgetting for a moment, what the day was really about, the bride and groom kept their spirits high as their true love for one another began to weave its way into each part of their wedding day. Sometimes it felt like they were in their own little bubble, unaware of all that was happening around them, just deeply in love with one another. The ice melted on the roads to make traveling to the ceremony and reception safe, but hung on the branches of trees and shrubs to give us a very unique effect. We are SO in LOVE with this wedding! We hope that you enjoy all of the portraits we have to share.

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