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Mr. & Mrs. Moore

I am beyond excited to introduce Mr. & Mrs. Moore today! It is so hard to explain all of the reasons why we enjoyed spending this special day with Jayson and Brittiny. Their complete trust in us, the Huckleberry Acres/I Heart Photography WV Wedding Team, that we were able to maximize our portrait time to the fullest and still allow them a few breaks in between, to say the least, just awesome. Jayson and Brittiny are a timeless, genuine, energetic, relaxed, loving couple, that made our job so enjoyable.

When I met Jayson and Brittiny for their engagement session last year, the first thing Brittiny said to me was, "I'm nervous about getting my picture taken." If you haven't viewed their engagement session, you really should check it out. Those nerves quickly faded and their session was flawless. By the end of it, they were no longer clients (we spent more time afterwards talking, than we did shooting their session), they were friends. They are so warm and welcoming, that I felt so honored that they choose us to capture their special day.

Their wedding day was no different. When we arrived Brittiny had everything organized and under complete control. She was simply stunning even before putting on her gown. Jayson was relaxed and ready to officially make Brittny his ;)! Their wedding party was fun, attentive, and extremely helpful. When all of that comes together, you get something simply amazing. Something were the feelings easily come across into portraits. Friends laughing together, a couple that is so joyful they can't help but to look adoringly at one another throughout the entire day, family that is proud and ready to help with anything they can, little ones being shy until they are able to be free to the beat of the reception music.

The one moment of the day that set this couple apart from any other couple that we have worked with, was when Brittiny came up to US at the reception to ask us if we were having a good time. All that they had going on around them and the exhaustion of a whirlwind day catching up with them, she was still being her selfless self. Who makes sure that the people they are paying to attend their function are enjoying themselves? People that are no longer clients, but friends!!!

We hope that you enjoy their day as much as we did. Jayson and Brittiny, you were both amazing to work with! We cannot wait to see what the future brings the two of you. Best wishes for lifelong happiness together.


Melissa, Heather, & Cheryl

Thank you so much Jayson and Brittiny for making us a special part of your day!

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