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Jacob & Mackenzie are Engaged!

Jacob and Mackenzie are Engaged!!!!

This sweet couple was so flexible and easy-going, that they rocked their engagement session! They are complete naturals in front of the camera, so we used up every once of daylight we had! I loved every minute of their session.

It is so refreshing to meet such a mature and young couple, ready to take on anything life throws at them. Although they have a busy year ahead of them, you can tell just by watching them together, they were made for one another. Jacob only had one request during the entire session, that we use his car as a prop and that I turn everything black and white in the portrait other than the car. When a man only asks for one thing during an entire session of having two women bossing him around, you grant his wish!

I enjoyed every moment I spent with Jacob and Mackenzie and hope that you enjoyed seeing some of my favorites from their session!

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