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Zach & Samantha Are Getting Married!

So the most amazing part of this session, is that all of their portraits were finished within 10 minutes and I still had over 100 portraits for them! The rest of the time we spent hiking!!! (I am still recovering, LOL!) The only negative part of our session was the humidity. Therefore, camera time did not last long!

Zach is always the mastermind behind the location of our photo sessions. We always meet at the same spot and then we take off into the wild of Somerset County, PA. After a few turns and lots of dirt roads, we end up in the most beautiful locations, reliving some of Zach's teenage years!

Zach and Samantha both share a love of hunting. Our time together is spent not only enjoying the beauty of nature, but listening to the stories of memories in each place. Both have spent a great deal of time enjoying the mountains in PA. It is so much fun to listen to the stories of each of their youth, turn into stories they share together in those same places. Zach and Samantha were blessed with their daughter Raelynn in January. I have no doubt that Rae will know all of the back roads just as good as her Daddy in no time at all!

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