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Celebrating Forever Friday

One of my favorite couples, just celebrated their 4th anniversary! Former Brides and Grooms, you may be asking yourself "What makes them her favorite?" Well, the answer to that is simple, they are the best Aunt and Uncle by kids have! It's not just because they spoil us (yes, I said us, so that includes my husband and I), but they have always included us in the foundation of their relationship which continues to strengthen and grow.

Every Bride and Groom know how stressful and hectic the wedding day is. They did not even hesitate to include my husband, my kids, and I in their wedding party. They knew that my the ages and personalities of including my family would add to the stress of their day and ensure that things would not go according to plan. And we did not disappoint! However, they handled all of our uniqueness with such grace; laughing and celebrating instead of pointing out how my kids ruined a moment of their day (I mean it, normally the Bride is the star of the show, but Laurel decided to steal the show by walking down the aisle with the top of her dress down, LOL).

What we experienced with them that day, left a lasting impression with me that I have carried with me in building the Wedding Photography Part of my business. Here is what truly touched my heart:

-They understood that my kids were little and were not going to want to stand around for a bunch of pictures. So they did family pictures with us first, then when my daughter decided she was done with pictures, they didn't stress that she wasn't in the wedding party pictures. Did we want her in the portraits, yes, but my sister-inlaw and brother-in-law were realistic about their expectations for kids in their wedding that day. We got what we could with them and then let them do their thing!

-They prioritized their portraits. They did family portraits directly after the wedding and kept things moving. They had all of their combinations thought out ahead of time and communicated those with their photographer.

-They let my daughter, who was their flower girl, change her dress. She wore a big puffy thing (I know you are shocked) to the ceremony, but it was a pain for napping and driving around Pittsburgh in. So we picked a more comfortable dress, that still matched the wedding party, and put her in that for the rest of the portraits and the reception.

-They communicated a few portraits they wanted of just my little family. One of the photographers walked over to me and said I need your husband and kids to come with me for a few minutes. The Bride and Groom want you to have a family picture in this one location. I was in shock! It was their day and their portraits and they thought about us and how much we would appreciate that long before the day began.

-Although the day had some mishaps (things we forgot, a little rain, grumpy wedding party members, etc), they chose not to focus on any of that. They chose to focus on the what the day was really about, their love for one another! The people that were grumpy, well they could be grumpy, it wasn't their day. The rain that poured down, made for some great portraits of the wedding party running for shelter and huddling under umbrellas. The things we forgot, well, it wasn't the rings, so all was good.

So, we continue to celebrate, make more memories and continue to grow closer as a family. Thank you so much Aunt SaraBeth and Uncle Brian for being so wonderful and caring to my children. Thank you for putting up with all of our craziness and making your time with us special. -xoxo Melissa

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