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Confessions of a Wedding Photographer

Sooooooo,,,being a wedding photographer is so much fun! However there is so much going on during the wedding day, many do not get to see our blooper moments. So I thought I would take a moment to give you a little behind the scenes peek into some of the odd things you might have missed!

1. A Snake

Heather and I were outside a venue doing ring shots. Heather was photographing and I was doing all of the staging. The next thing I know, Heather is jumping around yelling, "snake, snake!" After I had a moment to assess the situation, I realized that it wasn't a snake. In fact, it was a large worm. There wasn't just one of them. Apparently we had stumbled upon a natural worm bed. The next thing we know, worms are popping up all over. The picture above is just one of the guys that couldn't stay away. We laughed the rest of the night about our interaction with nature.

2. The Perfect Shot

A lot of time we are moving around while we are photographing and do not always pay attention to our surrounds. There have been many times where we have had wet feet because we didn't realize there was a puddle. Once however, during wedding party portraits, I bent down to get a little different perspective and ended up getting my long hair stuck in a sticker bush! We had to give the wedding party a short break while Heather helped dig me out!

3. All Secure

It is not uncommon for us to do all of the wedding portraits prior to the ceremony. For one wedding we did portraits at an alternate location prior to the ceremony. We photographed right up until it was time for us to depart and be to the ceremony on time. The wedding party quickly loaded up and left. Heather and I were gathering our equipment and hurrying as fast as we could. Only when we got to the car, the doors were all locked...with the keys inside! Luckily the Groom owned his own towing company and answered his phone when we called. He came back and had us squared away in a flash! The ceremony went on as scheduled and they are living happily ever after!

4. Needle in a Hay Stack

If you have ever had the pleasure of watching Heather and I work, you know that we spend most of the day hurrying around. We had a wedding reception once that was in the middle of a large open hay field. It was beautiful! We did a little hike to find a secluded spot for ring shots, which turned out gorgeous. On our way back to the reception, Heather realized that she had dropped her car key somewhere along the way. In between formalities you would see us walking back-and-forth in the field looking for her key. Luckily she was able to find it before it was time for us to leave.

We are so excited to see what happens during the 2018 Wedding Season!

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