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A Capon Bridge, WV Engagement Session with Travis & Lindsay

Spring has finally arrived and love is in the air, at least in Capon Bridge, WV it is! On Saturday, my little assistant (my daughter) and I traveled South for Travis and Lindsay’s Engagement Session. It was such a beautiful day. The sun was shining, the temperature was perfect, and the blooms were out!

Burrowed along the Capon River, Lindsay’s family farm was the perfect backdrop for an early Spring session. We were surrounded by the lush greens and colorful flowers springing up. In the midst of all of natures beauty sat the old farm house, the golden fields, and a rustic barn, lending themselves to us for some gorgeous portraits.

I have known Lindsay since she was in high school and watched her turn into a beautiful young woman right before my very eyes. She was a long standing member of our church family in Capon Bridge and every week during church, she would nestle herself in the pew between her grandparents. It was so incredibly sweet! Love and affection have always radiated off of her, making everyone around her fall in love with her. So I was so excited when she found someone that would strengthen and intensify the kindness and compassion that is Lindsay. After sharing time with Lindsay and Travis, I can honestly say, he is her match!

I didn’t need to teach Travis how to look lovingly at Lindsay during posing. It was something that he just naturally does. One glance and you can tell, that for Travis, the moon and the stars hang on Lindsay. If she moved, he moved with her. If she spoke, he was always listening. Making Lindsay giggle and laugh were second nature for Travis, and as soon as she was smiling, he was too. It was those treasured moments together that let me know they are a perfect match.

Please enjoy the short preview from Travis and Lindsay's Engagement Session.

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