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Tim & Monica Are Engaged!

There is nothing like a warm summer evening with golden glow from the setting sun to create the mood for a romantic Engagement Session on the lake! Indian Lake is near and dear to my heart, so I was so excited when Monica contacted me and told me that she is having her wedding at the lake! This is where our family spends most of our summer days when we are not at the river in WV, so I jumped at the chance to make new friends and have a chance to show off how wonderful our lake is.

Tim and Monica arrived to their Engagement Session dress perfectly! This is exactly what you would wear for an evening on the lake taking it easy and visiting friends, so the fact that they were planning to stay true to their natural life was so refreshing. It showed me that they just wanted to be themselves, which was exactly what they did! Their posing flowed naturally. As a matter of fact, they needed very little direction from me. They just did their own thing, allowing me to just relax and watch.

Tim and Monica, it was wonderful spending the evening with you. I am beyond elated that I will be photographing your wedding next September. I hope you enjoy every moment of planning your wedding and preparing to share your lives together.

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