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Nelson & Tara-A Couple Session!

I am starting my New Year's Resolution early...get my blog back on schedule! In an effort to begin getting back on track, I am sharing my most recent sessions with Nelson and Tara.

Tara contacted me about doing a Fall session, however, as most of you know, our Fall was short, rainy, and lackluster. So we had to settle for the next best thing, an early Winter Session! Even better...it was Nelson's birthday!

As I am sure you can see in their photos, this couple was just super sweet and so in love! There was nothing to "fake" here! They were naturals in front of the camera (maybe it has something to do with Tara's experience as a photographer ;) and just so happy-go-lucky. Those loving looks and gentle touches warmed my heart on this chilly day. Both Nelson and Tara were so welcoming and open while we were together, that I felt like more of a friend than a stranger. I would love to say that it is a rare gift, however I am blessed to work with so many couples that have this pleasant disposition!

Nelson and Tara, I cannot wait to see what life has in store for both of you. Thank you for asking me to spend time with you and allowing me a brief window into your love story.

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