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Our Christmas Vacation

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

This Christmas, our family decided to leave the cold and snow behind and spend Christmas in the sand!

As many of you know, our family is blessed enough to be able run a small farm during the summer months. It is a family affair and we each do our parts. The kids handle most of the day-to-day business responsibilities and we allow them to keep the profit from the sales, to use for something they all agree to purchase. They have learned so much from this experience and met some truly generous people. However, it does come with a bit of sacrifice...we are not able to leave our farm for extended periods of time during the summer months. Those fresh fruits and veggies do not take care of themselves! Therefore we decided that vacationing during the Christmas break might be the best compromise.

It turns out...it was perfect!

We were able to spend 10 days together, focusing on just our family without interruptions from our everyday life. We limited our phone and social media use and just relaxed. There was no homework to be done, my husband and I took a vacation from business, and our lives were not at the mercy of the kid's sports schedules! It was exactly what we needed in the middle of our hectic life.

We enjoyed every moment of our vacation in New Smyrna Beach, FL. There was fishing, playing in the sand, swimming, playing games, meeting new people and so much more. We were relaxed and refreshed. However, the absolute best part of our vacation, was that it gave us time to TALK to one another.

We talked about things that are going well for each of us. We talked about things we each would like to improve. We each talked about our hopes and DREAMS! However, most importantly, we talked about our goals as a family and individually. We made goals for the next month, this year, the next few years and into our future as our kids enter adulthood and my husband and I enter into our next phase of life. We talked about what we want that to look like and what we will need to accomplish in order to make that happen. It was GREAT discussion!

You see, since we talked about it together, we are more likely to make those things happen. We will work together and support one another. We will continue to talk about things and make decisions as a family. We will be there for each other during the struggles and celebrate the little victories as they happen. Our DREAMS WILL COME TRUE!

How do I know?

My husband and I have been talking, setting goals, and supporting each other since the beginning of our relationship and our DREAMS have come true! So I know that if we continue to do this with our family, our dreams will continue to come true! You can't just wish for it...you have to MAKE IT HAPPEN. So I encourage all of you to do the same.

Dream BIG and dream OFTEN.

I have included a little snapshot of one of our days at the beach for you to enjoy. Yes, our kids still like to dig huge holes in the sand! They did it every single day and then filled them back in before we left the beach for the day. I hope this never changes!

Happy 2019 New Year to all of you!

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