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My Obsession with Motivational Quotes

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

If you step into my world, either at work or at home, you will inevitably meet one of my signs with a a motivational quote. It's true, they are all over and sometimes seasonally displayed, LOL! I may have a bit of an obsession with my motivational quotes. But, to be honest....they just make me feel so good.

I love that they just advertise things that I value in each part of my life, without me having to say anything. I love that they let me know someone else has had some of the same thoughts that I have and these words have helped them. I love that they can be honest, funny, and real without needing to be completely perfect. I love that other people can relate to me just by being in my space. I love that other people get excited about my obsession!

So if you see me Hobby Lobby or in the Home Goods Store and I have a few in my cart, be proud of me! I want ALL the stores have to offer, but I try to limit myself !!!! It comes from a good place in my heart. I want everyone to have them. I want them to feel just as good as they make me feel. I want people to be able to "get" me easily so we can just be ourselves. Most importantly, I want them to change someone's day around!

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