6 Simple Posing Tips for Every Female!

Whether it is a professional portrait or a selfie on our cell phone, we want to look our BEST! I am always instructing my couples for posing during our sessions. However, it never hurts to know a few posing tricks to make you feel more comfortable with posing for the camera or flattering on your social media. So today I have decided to share some tips that every woman can use!

1. Place your hands on your hips. This is quite a common pose but it works wonders for the female body. This is a natural place for your hands to be, so you do not look quite so “posed” and it ensures that you do not crop you hands out of a shot, making you look like you have no hands, lol! Feeling comfortable with hands on your hips and want a more slimming effect, take it a step further and move her hands up to your waist instead of your hips!

2. Pop the hip closest to the camera. What I mean by that is, bend your knee on the leg closest to the camera. This is another one that most women naturally do, however they normally pop their back hip instead of front one. This trick has everything to do with shifting your weight. If you want to look your slimmest, you shift all of your weight to your back leg, away from the camera 😉

3. Get to know your better side. Spend some time in front of the mirror and discover which side of your face is the better side. We all have one. Take a few selfies with your phone to see the results for yourself. Mine is actually my right side, just in case you were wondering, LOL!

4. Sitting pretty. How you sit makes a huge difference to your photos too. One of the best poses is when you cross your legs at the ankle and sit towards the edge of the seat. For an extra slimming effect, ever so slightly draw your arms and shoulders inwards and slightly turn your knees away from the camera. BAM! You look gorgeous!

5. Lighting matters. Soft lights and natural lighting are the best for hiding any minor imperfections. Make sure that the room you’re getting ready in doesn’t have any harsh lighting and ensure that you won’t be sitting under any bright lights during the reception.

6. Angles make a difference. When it comes to your portraits, the shots should always be taken at eye-level or from above. Low angles will give you that dreaded double chin effect so avoid taking photos at that level.

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