7 Things That Affect the Way You Look in Your Wedding Photos

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Want to look your absolute BEST in your wedding day portraits? Well, I'm going to give it to you real! There are 7 things you can do to look and feel like a model on your wedding day and avoid the "I wish I would have..." Here they are:

1. Your hair can make a difference

There are so many beautiful hairstyles to choose from but when it comes to what works best for your wedding photos you should know that wearing your hair down can obscure your face. This is not to say that you shouldn’t wear your hair down at all but it’s best to make sure that your hair is slightly pulled back on the sides so that your photographer can get some flattering shots. Also, keep in mind that if there is any sort of breeze on the day of your wedding, it will definitely catch any loose hair you have. Having your hair look like it is attacking you on your wedding day, is not a look any bride wants!

2. How you stand matters

Your wedding photographer should know you want to look amazing, so how you stand matters! In order for you to look your picture best,you should angle your body towards the camera instead of facing it head on. This instantly creates a slimming feminine look. Another great tip is to put your weight on your back foot and pop that front knee just a bit. This shifts all of your weight away from the camera, making you look your thinnest.

3. Relax those arms

Although it can be extremely uncomfortable to be in front of the camera, you do not want keep your arms right against your body. Instead, you want to have a slight gap between your arm and your body. This small change will make you look slimmer and will define your waist. It will even change the shape of your arms by making them look smaller.

4. Stay out of the sun

While a golden tan looks wonderful, you’ll regret ending up with tan lines on your wedding day, especially if you’re wearing a strapless or backless wedding gown. Leave the sun tanning for the honeymoon. Also, While sunless tanning lotions are often a popular alternative for brides to reach for, especially in the Spring wedding months, I caution you to use it before your wedding. Although it may look natural, the camera tends to pull oranges (the tan color) more than you can see with the naked eye. Although we can often compensate for this during your individual portraits, when you are standing next to your girls or your groom, you will definitely stick out and not in the positive way you want!

5. Use your hands

Instead of letting your hands hang at your sides, hold your bouquet or rest your hands on your hips. This is particularly important during your getting ready shots. Put some perfume on, look out the window or admire your dress, the list is endless. Feeling a bit stuck? Start a conversation. Rarely do people ever just leave their arms hanging while conversing with someone else, especially if is a topic that gets you really excited!

6. About those fingernails

It's your wedding day, go ahead and pamper yourself a bit. A manicure is a must for your wedding day, especially for those beautiful ring shots. If you’re wearing open toe shoes, get a pedicure too, it’ll definitely be worth it. Even if you are not really a girly girl and never use polish, even a simple clear coat can make all the difference.

7. Get some shut eye

I know you have a million things still left to do and lefts not forget about the nerves. However, a bride needs her beauty sleep, so make sure that you get enough rest the night before. You don’t want to look fatigued on your big day or wear out before the fun even really begins. It's your party, make sure you ready to enjoy the entire day!

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