A Daydream Venue Wedding with Mr. and Mrs. Anderson

After a day of strong April Showers, the clouds parted and allowed us to celebrate Mr. and Mrs. Anderson at the Daydream Venue, in Ridgeley, West Virginia. This rustic barn created a charming backdrop for Erica and her girls to do all their day preparations, while Tim and his groomsmen relaxed and shared a few drinks. It felt like the perfect day to write a new love story!

As I walked into the bridal room, I I could already feel the energy radiating off of Erica and her girls. Erica was was every photographers dream, standing there sipping on her drink, finishing touching up her makeup, asking what we needed and how they can help. They steamed dresses, moved furniture and helped arrange all the flowers and details. It was so welcoming to feel like a part of their group instead of just a vendor doing their job on the wedding day

The most amazing part of the entire day for me, was when I saw the wedding bands and Erica's engagement ring. Not only were these gorgeous pieces of jewelry, they were designed and created by Tim himself. Not only is Erica lucky girl to spend the rest of her life with a man that she loves, she will get to wear a work of art created from Tim's soul, to signify their love to one , for the rest of her life. I was truly in awe of Tim's talent and eye for detail. Not to mention, the hours that Tim put into making these rings, all while thinking of his bride, just pulls on my heart strings each time I think about it!

Tim and Erica, we hope you both feel the way you did on your wedding day the rest of your lives, joyful, confident, and most importantly, in love! We enjoyed every moment we shared with you and felt so blessed to be a part of it. We wish you all the best life has to offer, and hope you enjoy your sneak peek from your amazing day. Love Melissa and Heather.

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