A Four Seasons Brewing Company, Latrobe PA E-Shoot With Justin & Emily

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of meeting Justin and Emily at the Four Seasons Brewing Company in Latrobe, PA for their E-Shoot! What better way to let everyone know that you are saying "I Do" than going back to the place where it all began? Insert heavy SWOON here!

Taking a trip back in time, we stepped into the Brewing Company where Emily had formally worked. Like all great love stories, Justin had come into Four Seasons looking for a beer and ended up with the girl too! Justin quickly feel in love with Emily's infectious personality. Since she is fun and outgoing, she wasn't afraid to try new things and show an interest in his hobbies. For Emily, she was hooked once Justin shared his awesome sense of humor (that came in handy later, lol) and the way he lets her lean on him for support and motivation when she isn't feeling it herself.

Despite the audience lingering, (yes, there were people ready to get their day drink on as soon as it opened at noon, but no judgement from me, I have kids) Emily and Justin did great during their E-Shoot! They tolod jokes, shared funny stories and were dream to work with. Our day was cut a bit short when I got my car stuck on a median and Justin came to my rescue (see last set of images), however we have made a plan to finish up when they head to the lake for a visit in the near future. So keep an eye out for Part 2 of their E-shoot!

Justin and Emily, I hope you enjoy your preview portraits. I had a blast with you both, as always. I am lifting a toast to you both that we got our wedding drama out of the way (totally my fault) at the E-Shoot and that you have the perfect Wedding Day you both deserve. I am so excited to see all how all of your plans unfold for you October 31st "I Do Day" since I have access to your growing Pinterest Board ;)

And then we end with my fail!!! In my defense I did state that I am a horrible driver, however I never expected to ruin the rest of the day.

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