An Engagement Session in Indian Lake, PA

This love story has been 9 years in the making and it is just as dreamy as I envisioned it would be!!! As soon as Brenda become engaged at Christmas she contacted me and said "I want my engagement session with snow hanging off the trees". With all of the snow we have had this Winter, you would have thought this would have been a slam dunk. No such luck...we had a few dates scheduled,but it just didn't seem to work out. It seemed like there was always something getting in our way, ice, a polar vortex or high winds, yeesh. During this last snow storm (not today, LOL) we made a quick decision to get together and take advantage of the glowy light and pretty snow and it was just PERFECT!

This gorgeous snow was perfect for Justin and Brenda to spend an hour or so snuggling together and I didn't have to ask them more than once to hold each other tight. They had a comfortableness about them, that could only come with truly knowing and loving someone for years, not months. Justin wasn't really into having an entire hour dedicated to having his picture taken, however after watching him with Brenda, you know that he would do anything she asked him to, ask long as it made her happy.

Justin and Brenda also have four super cute pups, which they brought along to the session. BUT, just like with kids, they do not always behave the way you know they can, when you put them in front of the camera, LOL! The yorkies, being the older and more experienced pups, they were excellent models, however they couldn't stop shaking even the one with it's cute little sweater on. The labs on the other hand....they were your typical toddlers. Full of energy and mischief! At one point they had Justin and Brenda completely wrapped up together with the leashes and were starting to head in different directions! I couldn't even begin to think of how to help! Thankfully they did settle down a bit and let us get ONE good picture.

Justin and Brenda, I truly enjoyed our time together and our conversation. You are both amazing people and I can't wait to see what the future hold for you as a couple. I am so happy that you found one another and decided to build your lives together. A love as timeless as you have is a gift and I hope you enjoy it every day. Enjoy every moment in this season of your lives and have a blast planning your dream wedding together.



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