An Engagement Session in Somerset, PA with Sean and Allison

When you shoot outdoors, you are always at the mercy of the weather. And around here, you honestly never know what you are going to get, lol! Right before ANOTHER snow storm invaded Somerset County, I met Sean and Allison for their Engagement Session. With snow on the ground and a chill in the air, we rocked their session out and got some warm and snuggly portraits!

This is not the first time I have had the pleasure of photographing Sean and Allison. I first worked with them about two years ago, when they were both graduating from college. I feel in love with them right away! They are so easy to talk to and connect with, that time passes so quickly when I am with them. Allison's excitement for everything is infectious, while Sean's calm and relaxing demeanor keeps us in check!

Every time I am with Sean and Allison I am reminded so much of my husband and myself when we engaged. We were so young and in love, with the world at our feet. I didn't know much about buying a house, working full-time, what we needed on our registry, but I did know that I wanted to marry that man and the rest we could figure out as we went. We may not have been entirely sure where life would take us, but we knew that as long as we were together, everything was going to work out. I feel that exact same way when I am with Sean and Allison.

I am so excited to spend their wedding day with them in September! Even though they have a lot going on between now and then, I know that they will enjoy every moment of their special day together. Sean and Allison, I hope you enjoy the preview from your Engagement Session. You two are amazing and I hope that I am always a part of your story.

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