An Indian Lake, PA Bachelorette Weekend!

If you know me at all, you know that I am all about FUN and a good time. Might be why I love wedding photography ;)! So, when a maid-of-honor contacts me, saying she and the rest of the Bride Tribe are renting a house in Indian Lake for the weekend, and would like to do a photo shoot, I was ALL in! These girls did not disappoint at all! I mean, I knew it was going to be great as soon as I found out the Bride was getting married on my anniversary!

As soon as I stepped inside, I knew that this was an epic idea. Nine girls, one house, lots of food and a bit of bubbly! It was something I could easily see all of my friends and I doing and loving every minute of it! Just look at all of the details these girls put into this weekend. This Bride Tribe had the house decorated with a cute bohemian/flower theme and a lot of super cute banners with fun sayings on them. They had all made flower crowns to wear for the shoot and set up a gorgeous backdrop to take pictures with the Bride. They did an AWESOME job of making it the entire weekend special for Chelsea.

When I say I just want to RAVE about this Bride Tribe, it is not an understatement at all! The time I spent with them did not feel like work at all. It felt like I was was just one of the girls and happened to be the one that brought the camera. These ladies were all different ages and in various stages of life. Some where moms to a few children and a bit more in my age range, some were new moms and are just entering into the hectic world of kid chaos, other were still single and just beginning a new chapter in their life, with the world at their feet. I loved that they were all able to set aside time and obligations to just hang out and celebrate their Bride. They didn't just make me feel like I was part of the group, they also included my daughter in their session! SHE would have moved into that house with them in a heartbeat. They even gave her one of their flower crowns which she proudly wore for over a week.

I hope you enjoy the little preview of this AMAZING time I shared with this spectacular group of women. Even though I only spent a few hours with them, I know that if I ever head to the Philly area, I am looking up my Philly Tribe, because I didn't just meet nine new clients, I made nine new friends! To my Philly Tribe, I hope that you all have a smashing time at the wedding and enjoy every moment you have together.

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