Joshua and Kristie are Engaged!

They say when you know. Nothing is more true for Josh and Kristie.

In late Summer, Kristie and Josh's families had a hunch that if they could just get the two of them to meet, they would be great for each other and it worked! Kristie and Josh IMMEDIATELY connected!

When Kristie contacted me in early March to set up her Engagement Session, I was so excited and thinking that a late May/Early June session on my calendar would be great. Then she hit me with the news that they would already be married by then! She said, "We went about this in kind of an odd way (she was referring to the fact that she was scheduling an Engagement Session that they wanted done soon, but didn't have a ring yet). However we got our marriage license and have set the wedding date for the beginning of May. I know in my heart of hearts God has done all this for me and I just don't want to waste anymore time."

The day we had scheduled to do their Engagement Session, I was having one of those days that just felt like everything was against me. I wanted Kristie and Josh to have a great session, but wasn't sure if I could muster up the energy give them my best. That all changed as soon as we started the session! Kristie and Josh were just so cute and joyful together that I couldn't help but to become infected with their laughter and happiness! Even just looking back at their portraits, I can still hear Kristie's laughter in my head.

Josh and Kristie, you have both found something in each other that is rare and special. Enjoy this season of planning your celebration and committing your lives to one another!

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