Must Have Wedding Day Items To Stay Photo Ready

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

My gorgeous brides spend all that time transforming into a fairy-tale princess and they want to look that way throughout their entire wedding day! But with all the tears of joy, laughs, food and unexpected gusts of wind, their look may only last perfectly through the ceremony. To help keep them looking picture perfect throughout their entire wedding day I recommend they have these items in their bridal kit to keep close to them on their big day.

1. Wardrobe Malfunction Kit

It happens, a torn sleeve, rip in the hem, and even a strap coming undone. To be prepared for these circumstances you want to have a quick fix on hand. Sewing kit with white thread, safety pins, extra buttons and double-sided tape will help you and your dress stay picture perfect.

2. Makeup Retouches

You don't want to tote around your whole makeup bag but you do want the essentials. Keep colored lip-gloss, mascara, eyelash glue and bronzer as must-haves. You'll also want a small stack of blotting papers to help remove sweat and oil as well as some Q-tips to fix up any smudged eyeliner or mascara.

3. Stain Remover

Messes are bound to happen, especially since you'll be trying extra hard not to spill anything on your dress. While the photographer may be able to remove some of these stains in the editing process they can be easily overlooked. Be sure to keep a quick stain remover pen with you and a white piece of chalk. Whatever the stain remover doesn't clear away all the way you can use the chalk to cover up.

4. Bobby Pins

With all the running around, dancing and excitement, not to mention the wind blowing you'll need to have some bobby pins on hand. Even if you are going with a down hairstyle you might want to have some pins on hand for later on in the day when you just want your hair out of your face.

5. Nail Polish

You want your nails to look flawless in all those close up pictures of your wedding rings. Having a small bottle of nail polish can help keep your nails ready for their close up at any time.

6. Dental Kit

The last thing you want is to walk around with something in your teeth, especially when you are getting ready to take those just married portraits. Keep some floss, mouthwash or a travel toothbrush and toothpaste on hand so your smile is bright and white all day long.

7. Tissues

There will be tears of joy, tears of sentiment, and tears for no reason at all. Keep a tissue on hand to stop your makeup from smudging.

8. Band-Aids

You'll be walking around a lot on your wedding day, which can lead to sore feet and blisters. When you are in pain from your shoes this is bound to show through in your images. Having a few bandages on hand can save the day when your feet are tired from the heels before the night is over.

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