Top 3 Things to Consider When Hiring a Wedding Photographer

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Although I LOVE getting inquires in my inbox about my Wedding Photography services, booking a photographer for your wedding is a process that shouldn’t be rushed. This is the person that will be capturing every special moment of your big day and spending the most time with you on your wedding day. So making sure that you pick just the right person should be a top priority.

As you start your search for a photographer, here are the three most important things I think you should consider when making your decision!

Style It’s easy for a wedding photographer to impress you by showing you a slideshow of their top 25 to 30 wedding photos but this isn’t going to give you a good enough idea of what you can expect overall. A better approach is to ask to see a variety of shots from different parts of a wedding so that you know exactly what you can expect or a sample gallery from a full wedding. You will want to look through everything from the getting ready and detail shots to the ceremony, toasts and reception shots.

Wedding photography styles that you’ll typically come across include artistic, dramatic, lifestyle and classic so take the time to browse through some shoots that fit into those various categories to find out what works best for you as a couple and whether the photographer you had in mind can offer you those types of shots.

Personality Your wedding photographer is going to be around you and your family for most of your wedding day, so it’s important for you to feel comfortable with him or her. When a couple doesn’t feel comfortable around their wedding photographer, it will show in their photos, but the opposite holds true too. A good photographer will know how to make you feel at ease, will guide you on how to pose before and on your wedding day, and will always be willing to answer any questions that you might have. Your Engagement Session is always a great way to “interview” each other and make sure you are a 100% good fit!


You will of course want to know that your photographer has the relevant experience to shoot a wedding but it’s also important to know what types of weddings they have photographed (As I am writing this, I realized that I need to go back and recount my wedding total, lol). Do they have professional equipment? Do they use manual settings on their camera? Do they own professional editing software? Will you have a dimly lit venue that requires someone who knows how to shoot in low light situations and has a camera that is adaptable to these situations? Will your ceremony have special requirements such as not being able to use a flash or not being able to stand up close? Make a list of your requirements before you meet with your photographer so that you can make sure there won’t be any potential problems leading up to the wedding once the finer details are discussed.

While price does play a role in choosing a photographer, basing your choice on these top three elements is far more important. Your wedding photos are something you’ll treasure for years to come. So…take the time to choose a photographer that can best capture amazing memories and makes you feel comfortable!

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