Our clients love when we provide them with information they can use to make their wedding look and feel high end. You are the expert they will lean on to give them the information they need to know if order to make that happen. Let's walk your couple through all of the important considers they should make when selecting their wedding color scheme, to ensure their wedding decor looks and photographs well.


This mini guide template includes: a title page, 2 pages of descriptive information, and a Print & Go Checklist to easily remind them of these important tips. You can use this information as (just change the logo and images) or tweak the entire guide as you see fit. Either way, your clients will LOVE you for helping them feel confident and looking great in front of the camera! Information includes:

-Incorporating a Favorite Color

-Venue Consideration

-Number of Colors

-Creating Balance

-Choosing Textures

-Creating Mood

(template is indesign format only)

How to Choose a Wedding Color Scheme Mini Guide Template

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